About Us
Life Builders is operated by owners Ann Kelley and Wilma
Justice. Together they have over 22 years of experience
working with Individuals with disabilities.  Life Builders’ staff
members comply with all training requirements and
certifications required by the Ohio Board of Developmental
The Life Builders’ team is
committed to helping all
participants achieve their goals
while adhering to each individual
Service Plan (ISP).
Mission Statement 
Life Builders enhances the
lives of adult participants with
mild to moderate disabilities by
providing opportunities to build
social and work skills, as well
as increasing exposure to a
variety of life experiences.
Life Builders Provides fun,
educational learning
experiences and recreation to
promote independence,
allowing participants to be
successful and build beautiful
and more productive lives.
“Life Builders holds to the highest standards of
integrity and accountability. We are committed to
assisting all participants with achieving their highest
potential, and understand the importance of family and
friends in their lives.”